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The making of a traditional Windsor chair brings back the craftsmanship of Colonial America by building chairs in the traditional ways (steambending, carving & turning).

After many years of building with power woodworking tools, I became interested in Colonial & Shaker style woodworking techniques.  I soon realized that by building chairs in this way I could not only build one that is more aesthetically pleasing, but also one that is both stronger & more flexible.  This in turn produced the most comfortable "all wood" chair available.  Also, by using wedges & green wood, I can produce joints that won't come unglued.

These chairs are literally built by eye and take on the characteristics of the individual chairmaker.  The subtle asymmetry of a hand-made Windsor chair is as much a piece of art as it is a piece of furniture.  They can be easily distinguished from the machine perfection of a factory reproduction.

Please come by and try one out for yourself.

                                                    Michael D. Herrel



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